Single Core PVC Insulated Wires

FRLS Cable

Adsel’s innovative offering Conflame is ideal for wiring solutions in multi-storied buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial establishments and residential complexes. It is shielded by a specially formulated flame retardant PVC compound. During fire, ordinary PVC emits black smoke and toxic fumes which are acidic in nature. This impairs visibility and hampers rescue operations. FRLS was developed and introduced for commercial building and specially for those buildings where exits and ventilation is restricted (Like – Cinema Halls). Conflame insulation retards spread of fire and emits minimum smoke and toxic gases. Therefore FRLS insulation was developed in a way that while burning of PVC having FRLS feature should emit lesser smoke and toxic gases. Thereby reducing the risk of injury. So, give yourself the promise of security and supreme quality.

High-oxygen Index

The oxygen index is 30% for FRLS insulation .i.e. the Adsel FRLS insulation can catch the flame only if oxygen level in atmosphere or air is more than 30% whereas it known fact that in atmosphere oxygen level is 21 % only. Higher the index value, greater the non-combustibility.

Self-Extinguishing Property

Adsel FR-LS flexible cable have self-extinguishing property which do not allow the fire to spread.

Conductor : Plain annealed copper conductor as per IS8130

Insulation :

Primary – HRFR PVC

Secondary – Skin colour coated PVC with FR property Note: 25 SQ. mm and above will be in unicolour FR PVC Note: 70 SQ. mm and above are available in wooden drums

Colour : Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/Green Any other colour on request can also be supplied.

Availability : Available in 90 meter(approx. 100yards) packed in protective cartons.

Note :

  • The number and dia meter of conductor strands are for reference only. Conductor resistance as per IS8130 is the governing criteria. Sequential length marking on every meter.
  • Single core PVC insulated Stranded Copper Conductor available on request.

Nominal Cross Sectional area of Number/ Nominal Diameter of Nominal Thickness of Approx. Current Carrying Capacity 2 Cables Single Phase Maximum


conductor conductor strands* Insulation Overall


Conduit/ Trunking Unenclosed clipped directly to a surface or on cable trays Resistance per kilometer at 20°C
SQ. mm mm mm mm A A Ohm (Q)
1.00 14/0.3 0.7 2.6 11.00 12.00 18.10
1.50 22/0.3 0.7 3.0 13.00 16.00 12.10
2.50 36/0.3 0.8 3.5 18.00 22.00 7.41
4.00 56/0.3 0.8 4.0 24.00 29.00 4.95
6.00 84/0.3 0.8 4.6 31.00 37.00 3.30

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